duminică, 13 iunie 2010

So this is the drill...

hey you guys,

for starters i need to tell you what this blog is really about

It's just another "let me show you how i dress" blog...but the difference is that i try to show you how i dress without spending a lot of money on my clothes

All my life i've been pasionate about clothes, and fashion, and beauty, and i can spend hours in stores searching for pretty clothes and i'm never happier,than when i find the dress of my dreams, or the perfect shoes, or those skinny jeans that fit me right and when i look at the price, i'm like " ohhh my God...it's so chep, i need to have this"

...So in the context of the "economical crisis" i hope that this might help and inspire you to spend your money on very cheap clothes, that are beautyiful indeed...and when the right time will come, you will have the money to buy those Manolos or that Birkin that i know you dreamed about all your life.

Kisses and see ya soon


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