duminică, 13 iunie 2010

Come walk with me...

I'm wearing a floral dress,no name, that i bought from a very small shop for only 12 RON (that is less than 3 EUR) and it's actually a beach dress. And i added a black blazer, also no name, that i bought from an engross store and it was about 35 RON (that is like 8 EUR). The shoes, i have them for amost 2 years, and they were around 100 RON (about 24 EUR).

The scarf and the glasses i bought from a cheap store that i recently descovered and were: the scarf 7 RON (1,5 EUR) and the red sunglasses were 15 RON (3,5 EUR), and i felt in love with them the instant i saw them.

The bag is from Moa, an accesorize shop, and it was 30 RON (7 EUR)
My heart shaped neckless was a gift from Joy Magazine.

So here is how you can dress, head to toe, for 220 RON, that is about 50 EUR

Hope you liked it


2 comentarii:

  1. You look wonderful!:P And I know you have a special skills on how to dress super cool and cheap! Love yaaa!! Waiting for the new post!

    Kiss yoooooou!!

    Congratuations and good luck!