luni, 12 iulie 2010

Let's try some VINTAGE


Am am wearing this amazing shirt that was my mother's back in the 8O's, and it's actually made of leather, and a pair of old jeans that were so out of style, that i decided to cut them and make a pair of new and trendy shorts:D...the black blazer, you've seen in previous posts, and is no name, and i bought it from an en-gross store, and it was only 35 RON (that is like 8 EUR) and the boots are from Berska, amd i have them for over a year and were on sale at 60 RON (about 15 EUR), and the bag is from H&M.
The watch necklace, that i adore and i weare like every day, was a gift from my boyfriend, and the key necklace was in fact a trinket that i put on an old neckalce:D, and the bracelet was also a necklace, but i like to weare it like that...and the flower brouch i did it myself, from a zipper:D:D


joi, 8 iulie 2010

Red Riding Hood:P


  1. Red Dress from KoTTOn, 80 RON (about 20 EUR)
  2. Red Sunglasses, no name, 15 RON (like 3,5 EUR)
  3. Silver Sandals from ComArt, 100 RON ( like 24 EUR)
  4. Bag from H&M, (about 80 RON) 20 EUR
  5. Red earings, from Avon, were a gift from my mum a long time ago
TOTAL : 215 RON , that's about 67.5 EUR

marți, 6 iulie 2010

D&G look for less

I really love this Spring/Summer D&G 2010 Collection. It's amazing how they reinvent denim and that chic cowboy style!!
Take a look:

For this post I tryed to recreate this look, that I absolutly adore, for less! Hope you like it!
1. Denim Shirt EUR 15.32 from PACSUN
Ribbon SkirtS £10.00 from StyleCompare
Floral Bag $13.53 from ASOS
Boots $ 9.99 from CutesyGirl
Hipster Belt £6.00 from PEACOCS
Scarf £12.00 from Miss Selfridge
Sunglasses $11 from