luni, 16 mai 2011

I ♥ my...

I ♥ my beautiful blooming orchids Photobucket
I ♥ my H&M ring i just bought for 4 EUR this weekend Photobucket
♥ my chic shoes that i bought for only 10 EUR Photobucket
♥ my Chanel Mademoiselle and my black nail polish Photobucket

luni, 21 martie 2011



I'm wearing:
Blue Coat by Jane Norman, i have this for a few years now, and it was about 100 RON ( 22 EUR)

vineri, 7 ianuarie 2011

Cheers for a better year!!!

Hey guys,

It's been some time, since my last post. I was so busy, my life has been chaotic by the end of last year. I just have to hope for a better 2011,right?
The following photos were taken in Bansko, Bulgaria, where my friends and i spent the Winter Vacantion and New Year's Eve, and some photos were taken in Thessaloniki, Greece, on January the 2nd, when we decided to visit this wonderful city, that i just felt in love with. I was so happy to descover that the weather in both, Bansko and Thessaloniki was higher than i expected, so my many warm clothes i packed were useless.
Oh...and i forget to tell you...we ate a lot in this vacantion, and i mean a lot:))) my friend Alma (check out her blog: 59 inchis of fashion) sad, if you saw the movie "Eat,Pray,Love", staring Julia Roberts, we were at the EAT part the hole vacantion:)))

NYEoutsidePhotobucketokring and brouch by broscugg bootsPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

Concert & cold weather


I'm wearing:
1. Jacket, from NICKY, i have it for a few years, and it was about 200 RON (47 EUR)
2. Boots, from Terranova, i bought them last winter, and they were on sale for about 80 RON (20 EUR)
3. Bag, from H&M, about 80 RON (20 EUR)
4. Scarf, no name, 20 RON ( 5 EUR)
5. Black Tights, no name, 10 RON ( about 2 EUR)
6. Ring and Broach, are handmade by Brosc Accesories

duminică, 10 octombrie 2010

how high can you jump?


I'm wearing:
1. Bleumarin Blouse, from a Second Hand store, 12 RON (about 3 EUR)
2. Black Shorts, no name, 20 RON (about 5 EUR)
3. Black Tights, no name, 10 RON ( about 2 EUR)
4 Black Belt, from Pull and Bear, i bought it along with a dress
5. Black Shoes, no name, were my mother's
6. Pear Neacklace, is also my mother's
7. Bluemarin Bag, from Mini Prix, 15 RON (about 3,5 EUR)
8. Bracelet, is an old necklace

TOTAL: 57 RON (about 13 EUR)

miercuri, 29 septembrie 2010

Vintage Fair

A few days ago I went to an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Vintage Fair, here in Bucharest. The speial guest of this event was the one and only FACE HUNTER, Mr. Yvan Rodic.
Here are so pictures of the amazing clothes, shoes and accesories I saw there, but unfortunately didn't buy any of them.


I was wearing:
1. Striped T-shirt, from FishBone, 15 RON (3,5 EUR)
2. Tulip Black Skirt, no name, 20 RON (about 5 EUR)
3. Red Tights, no name, 15 RON (3,5 EUR)
4. Black Boots, no name, 90 RON (21,4 EUR)
5. Bleumarin Cardigan, no name, 35 RON (8 EUR)
6. Sky Blue Necklace, it was a gift from my mum
7. Red Flower, handmade
8. Nude Bag, from H&M, it was a gift

TOTAL: 175 RON ( about 41,5 EUR)