vineri, 7 ianuarie 2011

Cheers for a better year!!!

Hey guys,

It's been some time, since my last post. I was so busy, my life has been chaotic by the end of last year. I just have to hope for a better 2011,right?
The following photos were taken in Bansko, Bulgaria, where my friends and i spent the Winter Vacantion and New Year's Eve, and some photos were taken in Thessaloniki, Greece, on January the 2nd, when we decided to visit this wonderful city, that i just felt in love with. I was so happy to descover that the weather in both, Bansko and Thessaloniki was higher than i expected, so my many warm clothes i packed were useless.
Oh...and i forget to tell you...we ate a lot in this vacantion, and i mean a lot:))) my friend Alma (check out her blog: 59 inchis of fashion) sad, if you saw the movie "Eat,Pray,Love", staring Julia Roberts, we were at the EAT part the hole vacantion:)))

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