luni, 28 iunie 2010

Night out!!


  1. Blazer, No name 35 RON (that is like 8 EUR)
  2. Skirt from Atmosshere, 15 RON (about 3.5 EUR)
  3. Top from Zara, 20 RON ( about 5 EUR)
  4. Shoes from Glow, 100 RON (about 24 EUR)
  5. Scarf from MiniPrix, 12 RON (about 3 EUR)
  6. Bow Headband, no name, 5 RON ( about 1.25 EUR)
  7. Zipper Broch, heandmade
  8. Bag, was a gift
TOTAL: 167 RON ( that is like 45 EUR)

vineri, 25 iunie 2010

Get Olivia's look for less

I first noticed Olivia's style when i started watching The City on MTV, and i was winsome by her incredible clothes!! Take a look at some of her amazing outfits:

So for this post i tried to recreate one of her looks for less:
1. Old Navy Top 12.50 $ from Old Navy
2. Black LINEN COTTON VEST £9.99 from UNIQLO
3. Gold Bow Skirt $32.99 from RUCHE
4. Fabric Wrapper Pearl Choker £16.00 from Oasis
5. Clutch $16.91 from Asos
6. Waist Belt $16.91 from Asos
7. Black Satin Platform Ankle Strap Heels $23.99 from AmiClubWear

miercuri, 23 iunie 2010

Put a ring on it!

I was searching the web and i found these amazing rings that are actually really cheap! Take a look:

This Aubrey Ring is so amazing, beacuse, though it's a classic accessory, this ring will make an eye-catching statement on your hand. It's from ModCloth, and i love it because although it looks very expensive, it's actuallt only $13.99!

Be my prom date? Although this is a more expensive ring ($51.00), the Betsey Johnson Varsity Crush Heart Ring is a very beautiful ring and it's gold-tone with acrylic overlay. This is from

This Gold Owl Ring is so amazing. I like the fact that it look kinda vintage and i think it makes a very unique piece of jewellery, and it's really cheap, only £7.50 and you cand buy this from Dorothy Perkins!!

Oh i love this Bird Ring! It looks so pretty and so unique. This is from TopShop as well, and it's only $12.00.

Lights, camera, fashion! This amazing Camera shaped Ring i found on ModCloth and it was o sale for $9.99

The Coral Flower Ring is from Dorothy Perkins and you can buy it for £7.00. i chose it because of the amazing color, and because i think it stands out!!

This Love Double Ring is only $15.00 and you it;s from TOPSHOP. I noticed that these double rings are so in rignt now. Everibody from Rihanna to Ki$$a is wearing this.

sâmbătă, 19 iunie 2010

birthday girl

It's been a wile since my birthday, but i just run into these photos, and i remembered how much fun i had with all my friends.

I was wearing my favourite floral dress,no name, that i ablolutly love, and it was very cheap, 60 RON (about 15 EUR), and a simple black top that i have for years and i addes a handmade flower on it, to matche the dress! The shoes were from Glow, and were loke 100 RON (about 24EUR)

The necklace was a gift from my aunt and it's from Avon, and the "i heart NY" earings are from Accesorize, and were also a gift from my boyfriend.

The headband, i bought from "Obor" and it was really cheap, only 10 RON (that's like 2,5 EUR), and i love it because it looks so expensive, and you know headband are so in this summer!!!

Hope you'll enjoy it!!


joi, 17 iunie 2010

This summer's hottest trend : BOW HEADBANDS

So this Summer is all about Bow Headbands...the bigger the better, that's what they say...Designers like Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, rocked them in their Spring/Summer 2010 collections.
The main promoter of Bow Headbands is Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, witch style i adore!

I got mine from Obor Market (if you live in Bucharest, you know where that is for sure)for only 5 RON ( that is like 1 EUR). If that ain't cheap, i don't know what is!

You can buy yours also from Forever21 for 3,8 USD

before the rain came...

Tonight i went out with one of my best friens, that i haven't seen in a long time, and we had a lot of fun, talking about boys and life and clothes, and boys again:p...and as we were walking home, a stome came and wetted us all over, and it was no longer fun, 'coz we had to run home.

But before the rain came, i was very happy wearing my floral print skirt, that is from Zara, and it was a gift, and i like it a lot because it also has pockets.
The belt is from Pull and Bear, the top is no name, and i have it for a very long time, and it was like 10 RON ( about 2 EUR).

The shoes are also no name and were very cheap, i bought them for 35 RON (about 8 EUR)
My red sunglasses, that i really chic were also really cheap, like 15 RON ( like 3,5 EUR)

The Matrioska necklace i'm wearing is actually made from 2 necklaces i put togather and the Matrioska Doll that i addes, was actually a trinket...So voilla how you can make a new necklace from old ones, that you don't use anymore!!

The bag is from H&M, and i bought it from Rome, and it was about 20 EUR.

Hope you liked it!!!


miercuri, 16 iunie 2010

the blue ruffled skirt


hey...for this look i tried something more edgy
i'm wearing a beautiful blue ruffle dress that was a gift from my friends on my birthday, and it's from Glow, and i paired it with a white top, that i bought from Zara, and it was on sale and it was only 20 RON (that is almost 5 EUR). The blazer is also from Zara and it was a gift as well from my boyfriend, and i absolutly adore it 'coz i can match it with almost anything in my closet.
The white flats i'm wearing i bought a year ago, are no name, and they were really cheap, about 35 RON (about 8 EUR), and they are super confortable.
The 3 necklaces i'm wearing are realy old, one of them, the heartshaped one, it was a gift from a magazine, and the other 2 i have them like forever.
The earings and the broch are handmade.
Hope i inspired you with this look, and hope you liked it


duminică, 13 iunie 2010

Jeremy Scott’s Fall/ Winter 2009 runway show, titled “Mouse Trap”

I was searching the web and i found this. Jeremy Scott and Walt Disney© officially teamed up with adidas Originals to bring this model to life, which was originally created for Jeremy Scott’s Fall/ Winter 2009 runway show, titled “Mouse Trap”.
And the price of these amazing shoes is €'s not that much, if you consider yourself a true Mikey fan:P

Here is an interview of Jeremy Scott...he's a really cool guy. Enjoy


Come walk with me...

I'm wearing a floral dress,no name, that i bought from a very small shop for only 12 RON (that is less than 3 EUR) and it's actually a beach dress. And i added a black blazer, also no name, that i bought from an engross store and it was about 35 RON (that is like 8 EUR). The shoes, i have them for amost 2 years, and they were around 100 RON (about 24 EUR).

The scarf and the glasses i bought from a cheap store that i recently descovered and were: the scarf 7 RON (1,5 EUR) and the red sunglasses were 15 RON (3,5 EUR), and i felt in love with them the instant i saw them.

The bag is from Moa, an accesorize shop, and it was 30 RON (7 EUR)
My heart shaped neckless was a gift from Joy Magazine.

So here is how you can dress, head to toe, for 220 RON, that is about 50 EUR

Hope you liked it


So this is the drill...

hey you guys,

for starters i need to tell you what this blog is really about

It's just another "let me show you how i dress" blog...but the difference is that i try to show you how i dress without spending a lot of money on my clothes

All my life i've been pasionate about clothes, and fashion, and beauty, and i can spend hours in stores searching for pretty clothes and i'm never happier,than when i find the dress of my dreams, or the perfect shoes, or those skinny jeans that fit me right and when i look at the price, i'm like " ohhh my's so chep, i need to have this"

...So in the context of the "economical crisis" i hope that this might help and inspire you to spend your money on very cheap clothes, that are beautyiful indeed...and when the right time will come, you will have the money to buy those Manolos or that Birkin that i know you dreamed about all your life.

Kisses and see ya soon