vineri, 27 august 2010

Cheap T-shirts

While walking the streets I just descovered some really cool stores, with really cheap clothes. Some of them are actually brand clothes, and i don't know that the drill is, but they are extremly cheap.
I'll show you some exemples:

Nerd Dog T-shirt, from Zara Basic, only 30 RON (7 EUR)

Polka Dot T-shirt, from Zara Collection, 25 RON (5 EUR)

Telephone T-shirt, 25 RON (5 EUR)

Lady Gaga T-shirt, 20 RON (4 EUR)

Strippppped Jumpsuit, 30 RON (7 EUR)

marți, 24 august 2010

Floral Summer


I'm wearing:

1. Floral Dress, from Blanco, and it was 25 RON (about 6 EUR)
2. Silver Sandals from ComArt, 100 RON ( like 24 EUR)
3.Bag from H&M, about 80 RON (20 EUR)
4. Ladybug Broach , from Brosc Accesories, 8 RON ( 2 EUR)
5. Belt, from Pull and Bear
6. Sunglasses, no name, 5 EUR

TOTAL: 233 RON, ( that's like 57 EUR)

vineri, 6 august 2010

Seaside trip

Last week i went to the seaside, along with my friends, and we had lots of fun!!...i really needed a vacantion, and it was awesome!!!Here are some pics:

And we also enjoyed the most amazing MIKA concert on the beach!!! He is such a great singer and such an entertainer!!! i thing that this was the best concert i've ever been to!!! See for yourselfs!!

And this is how i was dresses at the concert:D


I'm wearing:
1. DIY shorts
2. Zara shirt, was a gift from my Boyfriend
3. Meli shoes, i have them for over an year, 40 RON ( about 10 EUR)
4. H&M bag, i bought from Rome for about 20 EUR
5. Watch necklace, was also a gift from my boyfriend
6. NYC earings, from Accessorize, also gift
7. Brown belt, from Berska, i borrowed form my best friend Alma
8. Blue bracelet, was actually an old necklace