miercuri, 16 iunie 2010

the blue ruffled skirt


hey...for this look i tried something more edgy
i'm wearing a beautiful blue ruffle dress that was a gift from my friends on my birthday, and it's from Glow, and i paired it with a white top, that i bought from Zara, and it was on sale and it was only 20 RON (that is almost 5 EUR). The blazer is also from Zara and it was a gift as well from my boyfriend, and i absolutly adore it 'coz i can match it with almost anything in my closet.
The white flats i'm wearing i bought a year ago, are no name, and they were really cheap, about 35 RON (about 8 EUR), and they are super confortable.
The 3 necklaces i'm wearing are realy old, one of them, the heartshaped one, it was a gift from a magazine, and the other 2 i have them like forever.
The earings and the broch are handmade.
Hope i inspired you with this look, and hope you liked it


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