joi, 17 iunie 2010

before the rain came...

Tonight i went out with one of my best friens, that i haven't seen in a long time, and we had a lot of fun, talking about boys and life and clothes, and boys again:p...and as we were walking home, a stome came and wetted us all over, and it was no longer fun, 'coz we had to run home.

But before the rain came, i was very happy wearing my floral print skirt, that is from Zara, and it was a gift, and i like it a lot because it also has pockets.
The belt is from Pull and Bear, the top is no name, and i have it for a very long time, and it was like 10 RON ( about 2 EUR).

The shoes are also no name and were very cheap, i bought them for 35 RON (about 8 EUR)
My red sunglasses, that i really chic were also really cheap, like 15 RON ( like 3,5 EUR)

The Matrioska necklace i'm wearing is actually made from 2 necklaces i put togather and the Matrioska Doll that i addes, was actually a trinket...So voilla how you can make a new necklace from old ones, that you don't use anymore!!

The bag is from H&M, and i bought it from Rome, and it was about 20 EUR.

Hope you liked it!!!


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