miercuri, 23 iunie 2010

Put a ring on it!

I was searching the web and i found these amazing rings that are actually really cheap! Take a look:

This Aubrey Ring is so amazing, beacuse, though it's a classic accessory, this ring will make an eye-catching statement on your hand. It's from ModCloth, and i love it because although it looks very expensive, it's actuallt only $13.99!

Be my prom date? Although this is a more expensive ring ($51.00), the Betsey Johnson Varsity Crush Heart Ring is a very beautiful ring and it's gold-tone with acrylic overlay. This is from Zappos.com.

This Gold Owl Ring is so amazing. I like the fact that it look kinda vintage and i think it makes a very unique piece of jewellery, and it's really cheap, only £7.50 and you cand buy this from Dorothy Perkins!!

Oh i love this Bird Ring! It looks so pretty and so unique. This is from TopShop as well, and it's only $12.00.

Lights, camera, fashion! This amazing Camera shaped Ring i found on ModCloth and it was o sale for $9.99

The Coral Flower Ring is from Dorothy Perkins and you can buy it for £7.00. i chose it because of the amazing color, and because i think it stands out!!

This Love Double Ring is only $15.00 and you it;s from TOPSHOP. I noticed that these double rings are so in rignt now. Everibody from Rihanna to Ki$$a is wearing this.

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  1. The first ring is amazing, I want it!
    I also love the owl and bird rings, they're so cute :)

  2. Love the first and last rings!!

    <3 Kelly

  3. How cute is the little camera ring!



  4. Interesting blog.
    the first ring is beautiful.
    Nicola freshONpr

  5. Wonderful rings, I love the owl ring.
    I follow you now... and I hope, you will follow me, too?


  6. The people from TopShop are simply great.A lot of creativity. I love the clothes from them, shoes are amazing.I want this lovely double ring.

  7. i love the bird and camera ring!!! i have been collecting connector rings!!! so addicting to wear them! :D forever 21 has a good selection! :D

    Animated Confessions

  8. I am a huge fan of anything Modcloth, but their jewelry is always so reasonably priced. Great choices.

  9. you can get another very nice owl ring on topshop:) but this one is also cute!!
    please visit my blog... would be great if you join my followers:)
    xx alena

  10. nice rings! really like the first and the forth one! only wish they were available here, too:(

  11. i like the first ring..
    so wanna exchange link and follow me??