marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

Concert & cold weather


I'm wearing:
1. Jacket, from NICKY, i have it for a few years, and it was about 200 RON (47 EUR)
2. Boots, from Terranova, i bought them last winter, and they were on sale for about 80 RON (20 EUR)
3. Bag, from H&M, about 80 RON (20 EUR)
4. Scarf, no name, 20 RON ( 5 EUR)
5. Black Tights, no name, 10 RON ( about 2 EUR)
6. Ring and Broach, are handmade by Brosc Accesories

13 comentarii:

  1. Wow!I love your coat.Tou look really beutiful.
    Nice visiting here again and again^^


  2. Grey all the way!:P Sau poti grey pt ca esti dintre cei mai "grei" fashion bloggeri.

    I love the boots, I wish I could find a new pair but with high heels... Love ya, Dani!

  3. Imi place pardesiul dar si inelul. :)

  4. hey cute blog! Where do you come from? I'd love to have you as a follower, check out mine, i hope you'll like it!!

  5. iti sta super cu gri ;x

    ador cizmele si caciulita, cozy and chic :>


  6. beautiful post :) i'm new on blogger :) your blog is awesome :) if you want to follow me i'll follow you back :D xoxo

  7. Hello pretty!
    I took a look in your blog and I think it's really interesting: I like so much the pics an the outfits that you propose!
    you have a new follower!
    I hope you visit my blog, too.
    I would be very happy if we could follow each other!

  8. Beautiful blog. Follow me?

    So I follow you :)